The Micro/nano Engineering (MINAENG) research group integrates mechanical engineering and computational theories/techniques to conduct molecular level investigations of micro/nano-scale transport phenomena. The span of our research projects shows a diverse level of expertise in the nano-technology related areas including nano-scale gas/liquid transport, nano-scale heat transfer and nano-scale electrokinetic phenomena, as well as micro/nano scale transport in porous mediums.

Our research group is a part of Mechanical Engineering Department of the Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH). We are located in the small, but idyllic town of Urla, part of Izmir metropolitan area in Turkey. Built on more than 8700 acres of pure nature on the Aegean coast, we are taking advantage of not only strong infrastructure of technology institution but also a beautiful campus area with several facilities and just a step away from turquoise beaches.

Our Campus & Department